Playing House Ch. 05

"If you don't stop it's going to get messy."

We were at our favorite Mexican restaurant munching on nachos waiting for our enchiladas. And my foot was firmly planted in Frank's crotch.

Rubbing my foot up and down a little I said, "messy for you maybe."

Just as the server brought us our main course Frank tensed up and went quiet. I knew he was cumming in his pants.

"In the immortal words of Oliver and Hardy," Frank said, "Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into."

We enjoyed pushing the edge in public. Frank usually had me wearing a remote control vibrating egg in my pussy. I've cum several times in this very same restaurant when it was his turn to be Master.

"You know, this Mistress/Master thing would be more fun if we lived together," Frank said.

We talked about it while we ate our enchiladas and I eventually "succumbed" to his argument. We decided he should move in with me. His small studio apartment was a lot closer to work but it was way too small.

I looked at Frank and said, "Just the thought of getting a fresh fuck every morning is making me wet. Put your foot over here and make me cum before our server comes back with our check. I'm not wearing any panties."

That weekend Frank moved in with me.

We were still getting settled with our new living arrangement when I saw Frank in the bedroom looking through my lingerie drawer. "What are you doing," I asked. He nearly jumped out of his socks.

Frank stammered out a response, something to the effect that he was looking for his favorite panties of mine. "Oh, really? Which ones are your favorites?"

I knew it had nothing to do with his favorite panties. He just liked looking and feeling my panties. Rather than push him on the subject I encouraged him to pick out his favorite. He picked out a turquoise thong that was more G-string than thong.

"You look really hot wearing this," he said, holding up the thong.

"Really?" I looked at him and said, "It's my week, right? You put it on and let's see how it looks on you."


"You heard what I said. Put the thong on, bitch!"

He dropped his pants and briefs and stepped into the thong. The thong wasn't big enough to contain his raging hard-on. About two inches of his cock stuck out the top of the thong.

"Cover your dick."

He pulled the thong up over the head of his cock exposing his balls. The thong looked like a small tent with two balls hanging out.

"That's a good look. That's what you're wearing this week."

I swear his cock got larger when I told him he had to wear the thong for the week.

I grabbed the thong covered tip of his cock I asked him a rhetorical question, "Do you want a blow-job?" I leaned down and took the head of his dick in my mouth and started sucking.

Just as he was about to cum I stopped. He reached down to his dick to finish the job but I didn't let him.

"No cumming this week," I told him.

"I can't go a week without cumming," he pleaded.

I could see his cock throbbing through the thin material of the thong and knew he desperately wanted to cum.

"I could put the cock cage on you, but I know having to exercise your self control will be much harder. In the meantime you can get down on your knees and eat me."

This was going to be a week of many unfulfilled orgasms for him. And I planned to torture him by bringing him to the edge as many times as I could.

Frank had three wet dreams that week. To punish him for cumming without my permission I made him wear the cum filled thong to work all week.


Frank and I were sitting in the kitchen having a cup of coffee when he reached across the table and lightly pinched both of my nipples through the thin material of my bra.

"I'm getting a pair of scissors. You need a nippleless bra to show off your nipples."

"Master, may this slave speak?" I said.


"If master cuts holes in this slave's favorite bra this slave will cut off master's favorite balls!"

I looked at Frank and said, "I already have a nippleless bra. Look in the lower left drawer of my dresser where I keep all my sex toys."

He went to the dresser and opened the bottom left drawer.

Right on top was my nippless bra. It was black with tiny holes that were only big enough for the tips of my nipples. It was made of a thin satin material and custom fit for me.

Frank told me it on. My nipples were like 45 caliber bullets sticking out from the black satin. I really liked this bra and had worn it to work a few times knowing it drew attention to my breasts.

"Holy shit," Frank said. He was looking through my toy drawer. "You have crotchless panties, rubber panties, handcuffs and a black leather hood with matching bra and panties."

He also found his cock cage and my chastity belt.


When Frank and I moved in together we agreed that whenever either of us travelled out of town on business we would both wear our chastity devices.

So, on Tuesday morning after my shower I had Frank lock me in my chastity belt. My co-worker, Jill, was coming by to pick me up for a 3 day business trip.

As I was kissing Frank goodbye I swapped keys with him and whispered, "This belt is going to be a real pain in the ass and I'm going to be horny as hell when I get home. You better be ready for some serious fucking."

Jill and I were sharing a room and it was hard for me to hide the belt from her. I finally gave up trying to hide it.

"What the fuck is that," Jill asked when she saw me changing into my pajamas.

"Frank and I wear chastity devices while we're apart." I dropped my pajama bottoms so Jill could see my belt.

"Do you really need to lock yourself up?"

"No, but we both get horny as hell when we can't fuck or masturbate and it's like the 4th of July when we unlock each other."

Then, to my amazement, Jill pushed her hand down her pajamas and started scratching the monkey right there in front of me.

On our drive home the next day Jill reached over and rapped on my chastity belt with her knuckles and asked if she could borrow the belt.

"I'll have to ask Frank, he has the key."

When I got home I said to Frank, "Jill wants to borrow the chastity belt." And in his ear I whispered, "The faster you get this thing off me the sooner we can fuck!"

When Judy got home on Thursday her co-worker was with her. "Jill wants to borrow the chastity belt. The faster you get this thing off me the sooner we can fuck!"

Frank didn't argue. While he unlocked the chastity belt Jill unbuttoned her skirt and let it slip to the floor.

Frank strapped the belt around her waist and pulled the strap between her legs and locked it into place.

Jill said, "My husband is going to hate not getting fucked tonight."

"If he complains," I said, "bring him over here and I'll lock his tiny dick up in Frank's cock cage."

Jill stared at me, "cock cage?"


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